About Us...

20 years ago, David Piron created the Pop’N’Play concept which he has since patented, manufactured and sold worldwide. 


It is a simple concept that combines a beautifully decorated box with a nice integrated 3 dimensions decor (pop-up). This combination gives life to all associated products and give them extraordinary added value. 


Through all of our projects, we have been present in many different sectors including Toys, Coloring, Playing Cards, Music, Movies; and now in the area of decorative facial tissue boxes.


This new concept is an innovative idea that changes the way we use traditional tissue boxes. Now, along with its unique beautiful 3D decor and its high manufacturing quality we have created a decoration object unique in the world!


We are a human sized company with very significant production resources and an optimal organization for all your needs.
We are passionate by what we do and each package is careful prepared
and made with love

If you would like a quick overview of our complete history, please go and visit our website  www.popandplay.com


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information .